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Happigenetics Extravaganza is a collaboration between:

- Science on Stage (Edinburgh, UK): Performance Coordination
- Coaxil Band (St. Petersburg, Russia): Experimental Music/Videos
- Sounds of Science (New York, USA): Audio/Concept design
- Society for Out of Frame Education (Zagreb, Croatia): Visual/Concept design

Science on Stage: Alexander (Sasha) Kagansky, Mar Carmena, Shaeron Averbuch
Coaxil Band:  Alex Inkov, Yury Tolstoguzov, Svetoniitrankvill, Sergey Kostyrko, Yury Gorbachevsky

With the help of:
Arina Ayfonicheva (St. Petersburg): Acting
Alexey 'Delph' Afonichev (St. Petersburg): godfather
Maria Seledets (St. Petersburg / Moscow): Drama
Anna Edovina (Edinburgh): Arts / Design
Sexy Knowledge/DOCUInc (San Diego): Video / Documentary Production
Eva Brankovich (St. Petersburg): Dance
Guinea Pigs Inc (St. Petersburg / Rostov): Electronic Music / Vocals
Krasikova/Maslova (St. Petersburg): Chicken chromosomes video
Andrei Zorin (St. Petersburg): Tech help
Sergei Matyunin (Edinburgh): Legal
Liv Nathan (Edinburgh): PR
Do Theatre (Aachen): Choreography/Concept/Costumes
Merav Israel (Edinburgh): Choreography
Shaeron Averbuch (Edinburgh): Artist
Mar Carmena (Edinburgh): Ideas/Fruit flies
Vera Kaganskaya (Edinburgh): Chemical Experiments
Stas Rybtsov (Edinburgh): Acting
Anastasia Lisitsyna (Edinburgh): Filming
Ilya Hancharou (Berlin): Music/Acting
Sergey Erlich (St. Petersburg): Acting
Olga Shurupova (St. Petersburg): Photography
Colin Sanderson (Edinburgh): Discussions
MRC Human Genetics Unit (Edinburgh): Good vibes
Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology (Edinburgh): Good Vibes
PNPI and Polytechnical University (St. Petersburg): Good Vibes
Georgina Hamilton (Edinburgh): Support
Sharon White (Edinburgh): Support
Sasha Streletz (St. Petersburg): Support
Erwan Lejeune: Wordplay
Sara Keer-Keer (Edinburgh): Support
Natalie Danovich (Paris): Synchronous Translation
Elena Kazakova (Washington): Acting
Konstantin Gartvig (Washington): Acting
Anna Averyanova (St. Petersburg): Acting
Serey Tuchkin (St. Petersburg): Tech Help
Andrei Nikiforov (St. Petersburg): Tech Help
Igor Golubentsev (St. Petersburg): Poetry
Ivan Kvasov (St. Petersburg): Performance
Luigi Nezi (Houston): Performance
Dustin Gerding (New York): Web admin
Sean Winbourne (Davis, CA): Audio Processing


About the contributors

Alexander Kagansky, PhD is a Chancellor’s fellow at the University of Edinburgh and head of the laboratory of Synthetic Epigenetics at the Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine. His research interests center on the role of epigenetics in cancer molecular biology. In 2013 he was elected as a member of Young Academy of Scotland, established in 2011 by Royal Society. Apart from his research activities, Alexander organizes a diverse range of public outreach and science engagement activities. These include workshops at primary schools and spontaneous science/arts events in the various venues and on the streets of European cities. Together with the international team of scientists and artists he put forward the ‘Science on Stage’ and ‘Happigenetics’ initiatives that were supported by grants from NESTA, ASCUS and The University of Edinburgh – that supported the Chromosome Carnival event in 2012.


Coaxil Band is an audio-visual project successfully debuted in the spring of 2009 at the international festival of electronic music and visual arts "Electro-Mechanica" (St. Petersburg, Russia). All the perfomances are based on a principle of spontaneous improvisation: pulsation of drum machines, buzz of the synthesizers, improvised voice parts, dynamic video projections are often intertwined in the most intricate and unexpected ways.


John LaCava, PhD is a research associate in the Lab of Cellular and Structural Biology at The Rockefeller University. A strong proponent of science outreach and youth mentorship, he aims to make science more accessible to the public through music. LaCava and collaborators have launched an initiative to transmit science and research culture through music (SoS): www.soundsofscience.net - and in conjunction with this, the first a freely available, public repository of science and engineering sounds – www.sosdb.net. SoS aims to integrate with other science/art initiatives in order to experiment with and enrich outreach and science communication.


Martina Mijuskovic, PhD is a research fellow at the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Her scientific interests include large-scale genomics and tumor biology. Besides research, Martina is passionate about science education as a means to promote critical and creative thinking that would bring about a positive social change. One of the founders of the non-profit organization Society for Out of Frame Education, Martina and her collegues organize international science workshops for high school students, Summer School of Science, established in 2001. Their work was supported, among others, by Open Society Foundations, Google RISE and EU FP7 grants.


Dan Gareau, Ph.D. is a biophotonic engineer with interests in music, physics and electrical engineering. Dr. Gareau is currently an Instructor in Clinical Investigation at the Rockefeller University, shining LASER light into dark corners of nature. His research team of maverick high-tech hackers engineered devices that elucidate phenomena of critical importance, breaking through a clinical translation wall with the flying colors of hematoxylin and eosin, harnessing the conditioned stimulus of pathologists for medical advance. Dan Gareau has a YouTube Channel, and can be found tweeting as @Laser_beam.