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Publicly funded scientific research represents a significant investment for society as the returns greatly improve our quality of life. However, despite this investment, the public is disconnected from the scientific process, including how these benefits arise. By presenting science to the public in a way that both stimulates and entertains, we hope to create positive effects on public support, awareness and interest for scientific research. On July 6 – 11th 2013, the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) – one of Europe’s largest life sciences organizations – will hold an international conference in St. Petersburg, Russia. By staging the Happigenetics Extravaganza event in conjunction with this activity, we hope to highlight the presence, actions, and movements of life scientists to the public at large – integrating aspects of modern science and modern art to unify them within the greater spectrum of culture. By documenting this process, we aim to affect a global audience in much the same way.