Grooving to the Sounds of Science (732 downloads)

Few outside the field think of scientific research as a creative calling. But John LaCava, a research scientist at the Rockefeller University, hopes to change that with a unique, collaborative scientific music project.

Chemical & Engineering News: Preserving Terra-Cotta Soldiers, Making Music in the Lab

…An April 2013 feature in Chemical & Engineering News, by Linda Wang, with our own John LaCava quoted!

ASBMB Today: Beats from the Bench

…November 2012 issue of ASBMB Today features an article by John LaCava on page 20!

Natural Selections: Sounds of Science: Can Music Help Bring Science into Pop Culture? An Experiment in Public Communication

…A feature by John LaCava in the November 2012 issue of RU’s Natural Selections on the rebirth of the Sounds of Science project.

Natural Selections: The Sounds of Science Music Project

…The initial announcement of the Sounds of Science project in the February 2010 issue of Natural Selections.